Say goodbye to stubborn lesions.

Say hello to Swift.

We are the providers of Swift, the pioneering new skin therapy that is redefining global treatment standards.  Microwave energy is harnessed to create rapid, sub-ablative heat that targets the root viral cause of various skin conditions.  Finally there is an answer for stubborn lesions.  The journey to Freedom begins here.

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Freedom through innovation

We are very pleased to introduce you to Swift; a revolutionary technology designed to give clinicians more confidence in the tools they use. We understand the clinicians spend years training, improving their skills and building trust within a community. This system has been developed to help deliver on that commitment.

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Swift isn't just a treatment, it's a cure."
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Make use of our custom ROI Calculator. See how your Swift unit will increase profitability through patient flow and procedural efficiency, allowing you to focus on providing the best care possible.

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