Get Started

If you’ve arrived at this page, it means you’ve done your research and you’ve decided that Swift could be a good fit at your clinic. We’re pleased that you think so and excited to work with you. Here’s how we get Started:

Step 1: Contact saorsa.

Visit the Contact Page and in the Message section simply write “Let’s Get Started”. From here, you will be contacted by a saorsa consultant who will walk you through the rest of the process (outlined below).

Step 2: Consultation/System Demo

Connecting with a saorsa consultant is always recommended in order to understand clinic specific needs, validate technology application and to get the ball rolling re: co-marketing strategies. You can of course skip this process and move straight to purchase through the My saorsa portal, however we do encourage consultation prior to doing so. Consultations can be done either on site (at your clinic ) or via online web conference; whatever you prefer.

Step 3: Create Account and Order Swift

Once you’re happy with the value that Swift will deliver to your clinic, it is time to order! This process has been designed to be as pain free as possible. Simply create a new account by clicking on “My Saorsa”. The steps will be very self explanatory. Once an account is created you will be able to place your order online, which can be executed in a variety of ways:

  • Leasing: The most popular method.  We have a relationship with Beneficial Equipment Finance Corp, but you can use your preferred lease partner if you have one. 
  • Credit Card 
  • Certified Cheque (Collected by saorsa consultant)
  • Direct Transfer 

Step 4: Get Swift Certified and kick off the Marketing Program

With the initial order for the system and tips in preparation, it’s time to get Swift certified. Saorsa offers a 2 stage certification process: (1) you and any other Swift users will be provided with an online training link. This process takes about an hour to complete, after which your saorsa consultant will be notified that it is time for on site training (2). A time for in person or web based training is established where we walk through the science of Swift, The System Set up, Troubleshooting and answer any questions you or your team might have.

While certification is taking place, we will also find time to connect with you and your team to finalize and roll out your comprehensive marketing program designed to increase patient flow to your clinic. We will look at a variety of options and select only the ones that we think will work most effectively for you.

Step 5: We Launch!

The team is now certified, the Swift system is on site and the Marketing engine is charging full steam ahead. It is now time to treat! Your Swift consultant will be readily available during your first treatment sessions to ensure smooth operation and we can also connect you with our network of KOLs (Swift users) if you have any patient or treatment specific questions while developing comfort with the system.

Speak To A Consultant