The Why - Vol. 1

The Why - Vol. 1

Here at Saorsa, our "Why" is making people better. It is why we get up each day ready to connect patients & physicians with Swift and help them on their journey to a wart free life! 

The following comes to us from a patient out of New Jersey who struggled with stubborn mosaic warts, and how Swift was able to be a difference maker:

"In the fall of 2019, after 6 months of home remedy treatments followed by 5 months of traditional wart removal treatments, my podiatrist presented me with another alternative for my stubborn mosaic warts on the inside of three of my toes. It was called the Swift Microwave Therapy solution. When originally presented with the concept of the microwave therapy solution, I was very skeptical. However, I was willing to try it since the traditional treatments were not making any significant progress. After just the first treatment, I began to see a noticeable improvement and by the third treatment, my warts were completely gone. I would highly recommend the Swift Microwave Therapy Solution."




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